RUSSIAN FOOD&DRINKS MARKET MAGAZINE - is a color, illustrated research and information publication dedicated to the food market in Russia. Published since 1993, the magazine has a circulation of 45,000 copies, features 6 issues per year, and contains up to 144 pages per issue.
25 years of experience have allowed the magazine to gain the trust of the leading Russian manufacturers of food and beverages, packaging, and food-processing equipment.

Our goal is to deliver information on business cooperation opportunities in the Russian food market as well as to help promote foods, equipment, packaging, and ingredients through advertising. 

We will help you not only to get recognizable, but also to become truly well-known!
Numerous ideas, opportunities, many years or experience, and our good name are our guarantee of successful cooperation!
• For 25 years, Russian Food&Drinks Market Magazine has been the recognized leader in the field of specialized information in the Russian food market.
• Russian Food&Drinks Market Magazine provides the latest news of the food industry, the most competent analytics, and the most precise forecasts.
• Russian Food&Drinks Market Magazine cooperates with more than 30 specialized food and beverage fairs and exhibitions, including the largest international trade shows.
• The audience of Russian Food&Drinks Market Magazine includes experts in the food, packaging and wholesale industries.
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